Workaround for ODL in Neutron

With the Icehouse release of Neutron impending, we’ve unfortunately uncovered a bug which is affecting ODL integration with Neutron. This bug was introduced by this commit, and the reality is better CI for the ODL plugin would have caught this. I’m going to work to enable this better CI in the near future. The workaround for this is to add the following in your nova.conf:

vif_plugging_timeout = 10
vif_plugging_is_fatal = False

I’m working on fixing this right now. Implementing the fix above in your nova.conf will get you running again with ODL and OpenStack Neutron. Thanks to Simon Pasquire for finding this bug and noting the workaround as well!

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  3. Thanks Kyle for the update.
    Looking at the commit message of the patch that introduced this problem, they suggest setting two config parameters as described below. I have *not* tested this.

    “For now the work around for this would be to set: notify_nova_port_active=False in neutron to prevent neutron from sending the notification and setting: vif_plugging_is_fatal=False in nova.conf. Doing this will keep the current interaction where an instance will be booted without waiting for the network to be ready.”

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